All-metal constructions :

The principe :

This system allows steady, high quality and low-cost construction to be achieved in record timing.

The structural framework and building envelope are made of specific steel members and, using the formwork concept, walls are filled in with earth or sand. This enables them to have a great thermal inertia and big enough mass to resist earthquake intensities up to 6,1 on Richter’s scale.

The program includes the building of council houses, luxurious houses, bungalows, schools, medical centers, hotels and more…

Advantages of the system :

  • Low price
  • Free isolation material : The earth used to fill the walls is found on site everywhere in the world and is for free.
  • Earthquake resistance and solidity
  • Mass production
  • Hygiene and cleanliness : Given the texture of the interior and exterior panels, the walls neither absorb humidity nor retain dust. These are important conditions for building schools or dispensaries.
  • Storable houses : All part of the elements of a house can be delivered by container and do not require a lot of space. It is therefore possible to stock series of houses.
  • Environmentally friendly : Steel is a 100% recyclable metal.
  • Fireproof walls : The steel frame and packing as well as the sand or earth to fill it offer walls that resist to very high temperatures.

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