International Trade of Metals :

Established in Belgium in 1972, International Trade of Metals S.A. (in brief I.T.M.) has operated for several decades in the trading of steel. An important part of its purchases were realized in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland,…) and were intended to the large Export (Turkey, Syria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,..). However, after the opening of new markets, it has multiplied its sources of supply and has expanded its distribution network.

Since 2007, one of its steel suppliers handed over to I.T.M. the marketing of a new revolutionary construction concept for the building of social homes, bungalows, pavilions, dispensaries, schools and worker bases…

The bearing structure and the external envelope are in steel specifically designed for this use and, according to the principle of the lost framing, the walls are filled with earth or sand.

This gives them an interesting thermal inertia and a weight sufficient to enable them to withstand earthquakes of a  6.1 intensity on the Richter scale and also winds up to 240 km/h.

This concept enables our customers to have strong, functional, and of good quality buildings at  low prices. The construction time short once the cement slab has been molded.

Housing demand has increased quickly so I.T.M had to offer more choices to suit the needs of it’s various customers, this led I.T.M. to meet new efficient suppliers with which it has signed trade agreements.

One of them is established since 1984. Its founders were already in the business for over 20 years. This company has constantly followed the latest developments in the industrial world of construction and is pioneering innovating in all the latest technologies. It has always offered quality products at a competitive price using the most advanced technologies.

In line with this vision of the company and its own experience in a region which has been subject to frequent earthquakes, its engineers have promoted the use of the “Light Steel Gauge System TM” innovative construction technology that enables families to live in towers with cheaper and more secure facilities. It offers, in addition to the ground floor housings, buildings of a few stories resistant to earthquakes (7.5 and more on the Richter scale) and is, moreover, already widely known through its partners in the Middle East. All these units can be delivered on a turnkey basis or just the basic works if local authorities wish to give a part of the market to local enterprises.

Because carrying out a project of housing either social or luxury is not easy, ITM is the essential vector to ensure that all of the methods and means relating to the Organization of this service are fulfilled.

I.T.M. will be your essential partner guaranteeing an optimal purchasing strategy, quality construction, competitive price and advanced technology.

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